Is it legal to ban users in casinos?

Most of you have heard of cases when people were banned from the casino. There are many reasons why a person can be banned from a casino. For example, when someone has a gambling addiction, casinos should not allow that person to play. Because even if it is fruitful for them, there is still some ethics in the gambling business. Gambling addiction is a disease, and therefore no one should use it.

Another reason why you will be banned from the casino is if you are caught cheating. Gambling brings a huge amount of money every year, and therefore many parties are involved in them, defending their interests. Deception can be prosecuted, and I think everyone should understand that casinos do not want fraudsters in their installations.

Another group of people who are banned from casinos, at least in some countries, are alcoholics. Its reason is similar to gambling addicts. The difference is that in many casinos the drinks are free. And this is not good for an alcoholic. Casinos give drinks for free because they make people play more, lose concentration, have a sense of time and responsibility, and so on. Is it ethical for a casino to give free alcohol? Well, some may say no. However, they do not force anyone to drink.

And the last reason you are banned from a casino is when you are really good at casino games. Let’s see that you are the best player in blackjack, and you earn large sums of money in the casino. Well, then you may have problems, since some casinos, as a rule, prohibit players from earning millions. And it makes many people think … is it really legal to ban someone in a casino just because he is a good player? Aren’t casinos made for people who play, those who win, and those who lose? Is this not a form of discrimination? Would you imagine that Leo Messi was forbidden to play football just because he is much better than others? Or was Roger Federer banned from playing tennis because for a time he dominated ATP? For me it makes no sense.

Is it legal to ban users in casinos?Betsson Launches Casino Store

The Swedish listed company Betsson has always been innovative and eager to create new concepts. They recently won the Casino Operator Of The Year 2012 award at the prestigious EGR Awards in London, and they always strive to create new exciting experiences for their faithful casino customers. Don’t forget that Betsson was the online casino that paid NOK 92.4 million to a Norwegian student in his 20s. This is still a record in the Guiness Book of Records.

Now, Betsson has just launched the innovative Betsson Casino Store concept. This is not a “store” in the word right sense, but more continuous super offer that all casino players at Betsson can avail of. In Casino Store they publish offers such as “Free Spins on the jackpots in the Wonders series” on March 08.

This gives players a clear overview of the promotions and promotions they can use every single day. Previously, Betsson has only announced its campaigns on its main page, and the offers have therefore not been very clear.

To join Betsson’s special offers at Casino Store, you must sign up manually via Casino Store’s website. This is perhaps a bit cumbersome, but makes it more value for the players, as there are fewer “competitors” with. Smaller people about the leg. Check out the Casino Store today.