Automatic gaming online

Not many years ago, slot machines were a term that was synonymous with the Danish boat, grocery store, kiosks and petrol stations. Today, slot machines are synonymous with slot games on the net. After the infamous automatic ban came in 2006, all slot machines moved to the internet. Norsk Tipping is today the only player that has deployed real slot machines in Norway. It can also be discussed whether NT’s machines are slot machines or computer terminals with games on. At least, real slot machines do not look like. Those who previously loved machines such as Jackpot 2000 and Old Timer have therefore moved to gaming machines on the net.

When it comes to online slot games, most of it started with the slot machine Jackpot 6000. It was this machine, developed by Swedish Net Ent as a copy of Jackpot 2000, which started the popularity of Norwegian slot machines online. The first online casino that saw the potential of Norwegian gaming machines online was probably These were the ones who first started promoting Norwegian slot machines online and who eventually had great success with this. Eventually online casinos such as Betsson and Betsafe also came on the pitch with slot machines on the net.

Automatic gaming on the net has as a product and market continued to develop today. Net Entertainment has developed Super Nudge 6000 which is a copy of Old Timer, and Mega Joker which is a web version of Super Joker. Another company, Microgaming, has developed the Joker 8000 which is also based on Norwegian gaming machines. Unibet has chosen to launch Kronesautomaten, which is clip box only online. The latest addition to the “Norwegian tribe” is’s Jackpot 2000.

All the machines above are examples of how Norwegian gaming on the Internet has developed into a huge market and how a Norwegian gaming culture certainly will not die but rather develops and lives on in other arenas. The question is how gaming online will look like in the future? Norsk Tipping is on its way into the online market at full speed and will have a great competitive advantage with tax-free gains. We believe the key to their success lies in the product they can offer their vending customers. In this area, Norwegians have proved to be discerning.

Online blackjack

The card game most played in casinos and totally dependent on luck is blackjack and comes from the French game “Seventeen and Four” (French: “Vingt et un”). Now you have the chance to experience the boundless fascination of this game even with online blackjack. Let yourself be infected by the incredible tension and inspire the numerous applications. It only takes a few clicks and you can start with online blackjack.

The card game blackjack, whose name was created by the strongest card combination ace-jack in the original French game, has existed for 400 years now. The game spread at high speed on the American continent after the French Revolution, gaining worldwide fame and popularity. Over time, more and more successful strategies have been developed to defeat the casino with high probability and the first scientific book on the subject appeared in 1963 by Prof. Edward Thorp in the USA. Even Hollywood took a liking to the subject and so documented the movie “21” an old and well-known strategy to outsmart the casino and to win a lot of money.

Now it’s your turn to try your luck or try to be smarter and trickier than our casino. Play blackjack online, captivate and enchant, and do not even start looking at the clock while playing, because as fast as in the online blackjack world time cannot go by.
In any internet casino you can play blackjack online, it’s best to try it right away, but stick to our recommendations.