The Paysafecard is a prepaid payment method for digital goods, which is processed purely electronically. The system has existed in Europe since 2000 and is officially approved by bank law. The Paysafecard is now represented in more than 16 European countries and in about 3,000 online shops you have the opportunity to settle with Paysafecard your account and make payments.
The functionality of the Paysafecard is absolutely simple and straightforward: You can buy the card at one of the Paysafecard points of sale, such as kiosks, petrol stations or vending machines. The card is available with different credits. The credit is given in the form of a PIN number, which you simply specify during a payment process. If then the credit of the bought PIN is used up, the number becomes invalid and expires. With this system there is a unique possibility for own cost control.

The advantage of having a Paysafecard is that you can make a payment transaction safely and without providing any personal information, which protects you against online data theft such as phishing. The company was u.a. voted the best prepaid payment system outside of the US.


With the global provider of money transfer services Click2Pay you can make payments in addition to Neteller, Moneybookers and Paypal. The free service offers free money transactions, simple and straightforward. Your money is easily transferred between two e-mail addresses. For this purpose, the amounts are transferred guaranteed and loss-free with secure technology, highly encrypted transmission and direct communication with your bank. An option to track your allocated funds in real time is available to you at all times. This provides you with the opportunity to control costs and absolute transparency of your transfers. Click2Pay provides support in 10 different languages, around the clock.

Credit card Visa & Master

The easiest way to make payments are the credit cards of the company Visa or Master, which are usually issued in connection with debit cards and the bank account. By specifying the card number, period of validity and name of the owner, any amounts up to the card limit can be paid. This can be done both in daily private and business life as well as in almost all online shops and casinos.

This payment method offers the highest security and first-class comfort online with appropriate encryption and is one of the safest payment methods worldwide.



Moneybookers is an electronic system founded in 2001 in London. It allows its customers easy and comfortable instant transfers. The annual transaction volume is over 1.5 billion euros, supported in around 35 countries and twelve languages. Much of the approximately four million customers come from Europe, making Moneybookers one of the leading Internet money transfer service providers.

It works in a similar way to the Paypal competitive service, where money is transferred to e-mail addresses. Also, if the owner of the recipient’s address does not have an account with Moneybookers, he will be notified immediately with an automatic receipt of payment message and then requested to register. Important note: After a transaction, the cancellation of a payment process is no longer possible and the maximum transfer amount is 10,000 euros. Moneybookers works with strict and high security standards. The money will be transferred anonymously without giving your name or account number.


The online payment system Paypal is a subsidiary of the auction company eBay. According to the company, more than 210 million people in over 190 countries already use Paypal. Paypal is ideal for transferring small and medium amounts of money and has become the standard payment service in online shops for buying and selling.

If you are a member of Paypal, after the free registration you will have the opportunity to send a sum of money to each e-mail address. And if the owner of the e-mail address you provided does not have an account with Paypal, they will be notified by e-mail indicating that a payment has been made to their account. In order for the money to be available, the payee must register with Paypal. Of course, all data is protected with the highest security standards and the sensitive data such as account or credit card number will not be transmitted to the money receiver. Also, the system can be used and operated with Internet-enabled handhelds or mobile phones.


Since 1999, the global service provider Neteller has provided easy and secure online banking and has since become the world leader in money transfer services, operating in more than 160 countries. Money can be transferred to and from individuals, businesses and banks. With the Neteller e-wallet service, you can easily and securely pay with an online account and even the smallest amounts are possible without high transfer fees. Also in the online casinos and numerous online shops, payments via Neteller are possible worldwide. Netteller has been equipped with the highest safety standards and simplest operating mechanisms and increases your payment convenience. Every officially recognized currency and all languages are supported and you get competent and worldwide service at any time.