Scratch and Norsk Tipping


Norwegians are happy with scratch cards. It is a fact that Norsk Tipping can at least sign up when you see the success of their Flax lottery over the years.

In 2010, scratch cards have really come online on the international gaming companies. Both Betsafe, Betsson and Unibet are all committed to attracting more customers through virtual tickets. There was also a player who only wagered on scratch cards, namely They have later changed their name to

Much of the flax’s popularity has probably come because of the “madness” we find of scratching the lots with coins and the excitement of perhaps winning a lot of money. This is probably the biggest challenge to scratch cards online, they will never be “the real thing”. It is not the same thing to scrape with the mouse pointer as to scrape with a twenty-crown.

Previously, Norwegian gaming trends have been imported to the internet. We have seen this through, among other things, the successful Norwegian slot machines online. Now it’s the scratch card’s turn to head over to cyberspace. Will scratch cards online be as great a success as online slots? We doubt, but there is no doubt that there is a potential for many Norwegians to find the scratch cards online both exciting and entertaining.

Norsk Tipping will compete online

Norsk Tipping has long wanted to be able to compete with foreign gambling companies online, and now it looks like they get the opportunity. Norsk Tipping has obviously got a clear signal from a political team that they can offer games online.

Initially, there are probably casino games such as slot machines, blackjack and bingo to be offered, but it is probably not impossible that we even see a full Norwegian poker client.

Norsk Tipping claims they do not do this to make money, but that they can channel gamblers away from “aggressive foreign gaming companies” and to their friendlier games.

How friendly their online games are, you do not know, but it is unlikely that they will be much less addictive than goodies such as classic Norwegian slots on the net or the new krones automatic.

What is exciting, on the other hand, is how a poker client will develop. In Sweden, the state gaming company Svenska Spel has become a great success. Only Swedes can play, and there is a lot of activity on the site.

Norsk Tipping will undoubtedly be able to reach a target group in Norway that foreign companies fail. Not everyone is very active on the internet and with NT’s offerings they may realize that there is a lot of entertainment online too.

And of course you can’t forget Norsk Tipping’s ultimate competitive advantage in Norway; Tax-free gains. Norwegians who win online are subject to a capital tax of 28%. At NT they win 100% of the winnings.