Casino Games

Casino online has increased in scope and distribution in recent years. But you may not be aware of the opportunities that open up if you choose to try your luck at an online casino? Here is an overview of the most popular casino games.

The first place goes to the card game poker. Most people who have learned about the opportunities of making money on the internet have sooner or later ended up on a poker site filled with tips and tricks on how to play. The most popular poker sites are pure poker sites, but you will also find great poker clients among many of the more general casino sites. Since the interest among the Norwegian people is so great when it comes to poker, there are good bonuses and so-called “freerolls” at the vast majority of casinos offering poker. The reason why just poker is at first place is related to the fact that any gain depends on knowledge and experience.

Another attractive activity that is widely used on online casino sites is strong tipping. With today’s technology and options, you can tip everything from horse racing to football matches using a computer with internet access. The biggest challenge is finding the casino that offers the highest odds on the games you want to try. Just this industry is struggling with some frivolous players, so be careful when choosing a place to play.

There was a national ban on slot machines in 2007, but most online casinos are open to that kind of entertainment. Here are the options so many that you should have no trouble finding what is optimal for you. Many of the easy-to-use casinos offer trial play with play money, which is beneficial if you haven’t been to the phenomenon before.

Roulette, Blackjack and other classic casino games are also fixed inventory at most online casinos. However, some casinos differ from others when it comes to selection and rules, so this pays to check up before signing up at a casino. Anyway, I wish you good exploration and good luck!

Casino Games

Norwegian Slot Machines

Norwegian slot machines enjoy enormous popularity online. The largest betting companies operating in the Norwegian market all try to hijack customers who play on slots, something you can see when you see various advertisements on TV3 and Viasat. The reason for this is, of course, the great profit that lies in online dispensers. The old machines that were on Rema and Rimi took away the most important revenue base for several Norwegian organizations when they were removed in 2007. There is no reason to believe that the online versions of these machines make less money than their predecessors.

Although the companies advertise with Norwegian slots online, there are actually only two real Norwegian slots online today; Jackpot 6000 and Mega Joker. Both imitations of Jackpot 2000 and Super Joker respectively, two very popular slot machines of their time. The online casinos, on the other hand, operate with Norwegian versions of various gaming and video machines, and it is difficult to deny them also calling these for Norwegian slot machines.

The company that developed Jackpot 6000 and Mega Joker is the Swedish company Net Entertainment, a gambling software developer that is owned by the Swedish gaming giant Betsson. Net Entertainment provides software for most large Norwegian online casinos. Both Betsafe, Unibet, Norgesautomaten and Mr. Green are some of the Nordic-based companies that run on a Net Ent platform.

Norgesautomaten was the first to see the trend of Norwegian machines online. They advertised early with Norwegian slot machines online and many thought that the Norgesautomaten was a special type of slot machine. The Norgesautomaten was out before the ban on slot machines came and had therefore already built up a position when the interest in online slots exploded according to the ban.

The reason for the enormous interest in Norwegian slots online is not difficult; Norwegians are among the peoples who gamble most in the world and when the favorite game of lotto is banned, one will always try to find a replacement. It is difficult to say whether the online versions of the machines have taken over most of the turnover as the gaming companies do not issue such figures. Nevertheless, this is an example of how a ban will not prevent people from doing what they like. Norwegians are happy to gamble and slot machines are some of the things we like best.